The Full Body Yorkie Puppy Puppet by Folkmanis is waiting for you to bring it to life. Your sense of humor and imagination are just what this plush Yorkie puppy puppet needs to fulfill its destiny. Look in a mirror, you are the man behind the curtain. Pulling the strings, ringing the bells, making the funny - that's what you do while the Folkmanis Yorkie puppy puppet wows your audience with its realistic coloring and downright amazing appearance. This puppy puppet is a real looker. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then this plush Yorkie puppy puppet is the apple of the beholder's eye. If looks could kill, this Yorkie puppy puppet would be lethal. If pancakes were square, they'd still need syrup. That doesn't really have anything to do with you and your puppet but it's still an interesting fact. Do you know what else is interesting? Puppet shows. Do you know what you need to put on a great puppet show? A Yorkie puppy puppet. See? It needs you and you need it. This is what we've been trying to tell you. It has nothing to do with pancakes. It's about a Yorkie puppy puppet and a person coming together to complete each other. Fame. Glory. Happiness. It's all within your reach when you have your hand in the Full Body Yorkie Puppy Puppet by Folkmanis.

Folkmanis - Yorkie Pup Puppet