The peachy front cover features a metallic "cheers" message, written in an elegant gold cursive font. Upon opening this design, two light blue champagne flutes pop up, filled to the brim with delicious bubbles. Metallic pink bubbles cascade down the side of these glasses and onto the background of the pink watercolored background of this design. Cheers!

Inspiration for the Champagne Toast card:
Our designer Kincso enjoyed getting to try something new with this design. "It is a much simpler, cleaner, and an overall elevated aesthetic compared to anything I've ever done before. It was also my first time incorporating foil into a design, which raises the stakes and makes the process more exciting overall," said Kincso.


Love Pop - Champagne Toast Card

  • Give Champagne Toast to a bubbly friend who happens to like bubbly. This card is perfect for bridal showers, weddings, or any champagne-worthy celebration. Raise your glass and propose a toast to someone who makes your life complete.