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The mountains of Afghanistan are not exactly equipped with state of the art plumbing, so a cold shower to escape the dirt, grime, and oppressive heat was never an option. Such was the inspiration behind Cold Shower Cooling Field Towels Face & Body by Duke Cannon Supply Co. Developed in concert with their military advisory panel, these face and body towels are manufactured with menthol, aloe, and jojoba to provide a chilling blast as they cleanse and protect. The perfect way to cool down and recover after 12-hour shifts, covert field missions, or back alley boxing matches.


  • Cooling towel cleanses and refreshes when you need it most
  • Great for military use in the field, camping, outdoor activities and more
  • Soothing menthol helps you cool down and recover quickly from strenuous activity
  • Made in the USA

Duke Cannon - Cold Shower Field Towels Face & Body Wipes

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