Women´s hand knit alpaca cardigan.  Women´s hand knit alpaca sweater.  Meet Kali, the bestselling sweater we’ve ever made.  Perhaps, we sell so many because it is the lightest sweater we make.  Five ounces, hand knit in 100% alpaca boucle.  Could be.  Do you think it’s because it’s the cheapest we offer?  Who knows?  Because one size fits all?  All valid points.  Might be because if you lie your Kali flat on a large table you will see it forms a complete circle.  Kali is knit using circular knitting needles.  Cast on, (knitting jargon) 360 stitches.  Knit round and round, decreasing stitches as you go.  When you arrive at the center and only ten stitches remain, bind them off, (more knitting lingo).  As long as you remembered to attach the sleeves, you’re done.  Incidentally, you’ll find no seams attaching the sleeves.  Magic!  All good justifications to buy Kali.  Me, I think people continue to buy Kali because she can be worn in a variety of different manners.  Check out the photos.  You can wear Kali 4 days in a row and make it look like it’s a different sweater all together each day.  If, after buying Kali you find a new attractive way of wearing Kali, send us a photo.  If, we decide to use your photo we will send you a new Kali, FREE.  That’s better than magic.

Knotty Girl - Kali - Cranberry

  • All Measurements in inches, taken from Kali lying flat.