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Liz Swanson is the author and illustrator of Wondrous Things. She is an artist and has been an Associate Professor of Architecture at University of Kentucky since 2001. Her research centers on the social, cultural, and spiritual import of the built environment and exists at the intersection of architecture, art, and storytelling. Her projects range in scale from illustrations, children’s books and experimental drawings to public artworks, installations, and urban planning proposals that aim to create meaningful experiences for people. A part of everything she earns is donated to causes, charities and non-profits that do good work for the world.


Wondrous Things is two books in one: a full-color children’s picture book on the first side and an interactive coloring book on the other.  Depicted within one ever-changing landscape, the message of the book is simple: each of us does something great and there’s room for all of us to say aloud, “I’m talented!”

Wondrous Things Book by Liz Swanson

    • Contains 20 full color pages to read and 20 black-and-white drawing pages to draw
    • Printed on sturdy, accordion-style paper
    • Wondrous Things can be held like a book or laid out to various lengths on a table or classroom floor for fun, collaborative drawing.
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